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The average person burns 575-775 calories per hour in a game of basketball. If they are ...

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Below are the types of basketball to play for high-intensity calorie-burning: 1. Occupying the full-court. Playing a full-court game will help a player burn 442 up to a maximum of 700 calories per game. Just make sure your match is exciting enough for you to sweat and heat up. 2. Running around the court

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2. Full-court Game Calories (4v4, 5v5) The number of calories a basketball player burns in a full-court game per one hour equals approximately 3.8 multiplied by your body weight in pounds. For a player weighing 150 – 160 lbs, it would mean that he burns 570 – 605 calories in one hour.

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Data from Dietbites.com indicates that a half-court game of basketball is roughly a 6.0 MET exercise. This means that, in an hour of half-court basketball, we burn: 296 calories for a 110-pound person. 340 calories for a 130-pound person. 408 calories for a 150-pound person.

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Burned calories (KCAL)playing Basketball. 549. Basketball might not be the first sport you think about if you looking for a sport to burn some calories, but it can be very effective. Basketball is loads of fun, and for a lot of people it is way more attractive then spending hours in the gym. The number of calories burned during a basketball game depends on several factors.

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1. Playing Full-court basketball: Player loses 442 calories per game. Let’s face it. Not even the greatest NBA players can play on a full 48 minutes of court time, without going for a time out. But, you can burn a whopping 677 calories if you play full-court basketball at the local YMCA with no time outs or substitutions. 2.

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Six types of calorie burn will be listed in descending order of intensity for a 170 lb male basketball player. 1. Playing full-court basketball: Sportsman burns about 694 calories per hour. We all know even the greatest NBA players can’t play 48 minutes on a full-court, without taking a time out.